What you will find here are links, mostly to places that have some real personal meaning to me.  Future blog posts will probably cover these subjects, albeit they will only scratch the surface because there is just so much to cover.  As I remember others, I will continue to add to this list.

Catholic Media

Station of the Cross
Radio station that I have taken to listening to.  Really enjoy Mother Angelica and Fr. John Corapi.

The Word Among Us
A magazine I use daily to review and reflect on scripture readings for the day.

Sexuality and the Catholic Faith

Theology of the Body
The Study of God as revealed through our bodies.  Very traditional stuff, but focuses on the whys behind the "rules."  Really good and important stuff.

Theology of the Body for Teens
This is what we are teaching for high school students in confirmation classes at our church.  Taught at their level, this information hopefully helps them to understand the whys behind the rules and how it applies to their lives as teenagers.

There's a big difference between abstinence and chastity.  Did you even know that?  I don't think I did until teaching TOB for Teens.

NaPro Technology
This is not your mother's natural family planning.  Not the rhythm method, not the billings method.  There is a lot of science to this and can be of great help to anyone struggling with infertility including anyone attempting IVF.

In Him Image Family Medicine
When we were struggling with secondary infertility, our NFP educator referred us to this doctor in Gardner, MA. There are currently no doctors in NH that can help with the NaPro approach to infertility which is really sad to me.  We are so thankful for his assistance in bringing Hannah into this world.  We know six out of seven couples who've struggled with infertility and have become pregnant with Dr. C's help using NaPro.  Waiting and hoping for couple number eight to join in, even if their current IVF treatment works or doesn't work...