Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catholic Revert

This account was created well over a year ago with the best of intentions, but I guess I created it without a real thought for what I would be writing about. I have determined that there is no time like the present, especially now that it is lent, and regardless of not being sure what topics will be the focus of this blog, I am going to get started. Mostly this blog will be about my faith, religion, and relationship with God, usually as it pertains to our small family. Sometimes it will just be funny stories, possible emotional ramblings or a topic that has gotten stuck in my head that I think needs to be flushed out.

Having been a revert to the Catholic faith just over 6 years ago, my beliefs and relationship with God have become much stronger than my early years when it was a "blind" faith. A revert, for those of you who don't recognize the term, is someone who has been away from their religious practice for a while and has decided to return to take a closer look at what they left behind. I truly believe, that if you leave your heart and mind open, God does some amazing things.

I came back to my hometown parish after being away for about 11 years or so. I had no major issues with the Catholic Church - I just happened to go to college and it was easy not to go to Mass. Oddly enough, I went to a Catholic College, but it was one that, at best, I now consider "Barely Catholic." Sure, there were opportunities to go to Mass every weekend - even on Sunday nights. The usual excuses were made... "but I had to eat supper, I hadn't finished the assignment for class," etc., etc. Then as a college student, I got into things that college kids do and, well, let's just say I felt like a hypocrite. A few times after graduating college I would try to return to Church. I went to Reconciliation a few times, hoping it would give me renewed strength. Unfortunately, my returning to Mass would never last for very long. I would end up back in the same patterns, doing the same things, feeling like a hypocrite all over again.

The Coming Home to Catholicism Program was what did it. Finally, some people who were humble enough to share their stories about why they left and why they came back. I attended the seven week session six years ago this winter with the man who I am lucky to call my husband. What a blessing it has been!

Recently our pastor has recommended a book called Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly.  I have yet to see the book, but for anyone out there thinking about returning to your Catholic "roots", this may be a good place to start.  All I can say is that my openness to all the richness that the Church teaches has showered me with so many blessings. I am proud to say that I am now on the Coming Home team at my parish and tonight is week three of the program. The people who come through the doors are so courageous. This Lent I am praying that they will keep their hearts and minds open to all that the Church has to offer them and that they find a way to reconnect to their Lord and Savior, who has been waiting for them to come home.

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