Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (4)

Thanks to Jen at for hosting.  Let's get right to it... 

Wanted to make it to the beach this week to visit with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their kids.  It's been such beautiful weather this week here in NH.  It never happened though.  It would have been Wednesday or Thursday that I took the drive out since I work Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  But it was a good thing I didn't on Wednesday because I ended up feeling horrible right after the girls' bed time.  Nauseous and dizzy.  Would not have been a good drive home.  I think that I may not have had enough water that day.  Maybe it wasn't enough carbs. Anyway, Thursday I visited with my mother-in-law who broke her foot the first day of summer watching our girls.  I figured she would have normally spent some time at the beach so we should go spend some time visiting with her.  It was a really nice visit, although the girls wanted to do nothing but climb on mama.  I wonder if it's the cast that is having Alicia be so standoffish with her Nana.  Alicia did do some drawing on her cast which she hasn't until now.  Nana's cast should come off in two weeks!  Hopefully!  I STILL feel guilty.

There was lots going on this week that I needed to get done.  I left my post-it "to do" list behind at my mom's house on Tuesday, so I rewrote the list in a notebook.  After taking a look at said list today, I only ended up accomplishing three things on my "to do" list out of a possible 14.  The list just keeps getting longer and longer.  Posting on my blog was on the list, but it will have to wait until early next week.  I started it, but never got back to it.  "Holy Roller" post will be coming next week.  I think...  tonight I'm off to finish thank you letters for my daughter's birthday presents along with the pictures I insert from her annual photo shoot!

Our 10 month old started crawling this week on Monday.  Funny thing is, the day I said that I wasn't ready for it, she started.  Now the fun begins.  A little delayed, this whole crawling thing, but her sister started walking at just a little over a year, well before she was crawling.  As much as I don't feel ready for this, I'm glad she's becoming more independent.  She was getting heavy, carrying her around all the time - I think she weighs almost 24 pounds.  Now, big sister Alicia HAS to pick up all her small toys.  She just turned three so this shouldn't be a big problem, but any tips on how to keep her focused on it so I'm not nagging her all the time?  Although, I suppose it's a mother's job to be a nag. 

Time to get going on my fundraising for the Jimmy Fund Walk in Boston on September 18th.  I've come to the conclusion that fundraising is not my thing, although in 2001 I raised quite a bit of money for the American Stroke Association.  I've committed to this walk in honor of a brave little 10 year old girl with an inoperable brain tumor (my husband's cousin's daughter - diagnosed at the age of 6).  Check out her website here, read especially "The First Year" and "Make-A-Wish" pages.   Last time we saw this sweet little girl was a few months back and she was so interested in watching and playing with both our little girls.  Anyway, I decided that it was best to step outside of my little world and help with a very worthy cause.  I only need to raise $250, so basically 10 people at $25 will do it, even 9 people would do since I'm considering myself donor #10.  Please consider donating if you can.  Every little bit helps.  I will be sending out a letter and email soon (this was also on the above "to do" list).  Thank you in advance for whatever you can do.  As far as my physical readiness for the walk, I'm not AT ALL ready.  OK, so it's only 5 miles I plan on walking, but I'll be pushing a double jogging stroller with at least 50 pounds worth of kiddos in it!  I signed up for this walk with the intention of adding walking to my routine and it has yet to happen.  Maybe in a few weeks when things settle down.  But don't we always tell ourselves this?!

Surgery for my cousin's endometriosis was just Wednesday.  The surgery went well and she seems to be feeling alright.  I'm really hoping it helps her and her husband on their journey to having children.  She started learning about the Creighton method recently and is seeing the Na Pro doctor that I saw when we had trouble conceiving baby #2.  She has a blog about her experiences with IVF and her more recent journey to learn Creighton. (There's also a link to her blog Eat.Scream.Cry on my "Bloggers" tab.)  Sending lots of love and prayers for a speedy recovery and to achieving the family of their dreams.  They will be great parents when it happens for them.  If you could add it to your intentions, please pray for them as they continue their struggle with infertility which will hopefully turn around very soon.

"Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car." G.K. Chesterton.  I LOVE this quote.  Don't just stand there in church!  (OK, but you still should GO to church!)  Don't be afraid to live it people!  Get out there and be an example of Christ for others! 

Confession time:  I'm not doing so great with saying the rosary daily.  Actually, I haven't even said it once since posting about praying the rosary.  Best of intentions not put into practice.  Poop! (my favorite curse word since becoming a mom!)  Maybe soon?!  Why do I struggle with spending time in prayer?  This bothers me; ok bothers isn't the right word.  This makes me sad.  I MUST CARVE OUT MORE TIME FOR PRAYER!!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon.
    Nice to meet you via Jen's.
    Try just a "decade" at a time. Sometimes, that helps:)
    LOVE the Chesterton quote!

  2. Love #3 ~ My kids are the same age, and though my second is only doing a slow army creep I'm really trying to get my older one into the habit of cleaning up now.

    Hope you feel better soon.