Friday, July 29, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (6)

Thanks to Jen at for hosting.  A huge word of thanks to anyone who has helped us by giving us boxes, watching our children during the past few weeks, or helping us prepare for our move in any way.  Even to those of you who offered, but we never took you up on it, we appreciate all your love and support!

Moving day is this weekend, primarily on Sunday.  I haven't mentioned it here until now, but we are experiencing a slight housing problem at the moment and are moving in with my parents.  Nothing drastic and we are all ok - no job loss, we are all healthy, no divorce, everyone is fine.  But this will definitely be an adjustment.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law have generously offered to help with moving expenses so that my hubby (their son) doesn't have to do too much heavy lifting (he has a congenital heart defect - transposition of the great vessels- and we actually went to the ER this week for some relatively minor symptoms).  We will work on moving a few small items and a toddler bed on Saturday.  I have heard great things about the movers we are using: College Bound Movers.  We originally scheduled something with another company, but two days after booking, they called us to say they didn't have any availability for that day but they could do the weekend and by the way the price will be jacked up by about $4k.  Gee, let me think about that, sounds WONDERFUL.  No thank you! 

A huge thanks to my parents who are giving up so much for us to move in with them.  They will now get to experience the joys of parenthood all over again when they should just be experiencing the joys of grandparent hood.  The middle of the night toddler potty trips, the crying baby who doesn't want to go to sleep yet, no more private time when they get home from work, no more relaxing when we leave their house to head to our home.  They will have fun spending time with our girls, no doubt.  Lots of hugs, smiles and play time too.  But hopefully, our time there will be somewhat short lived so they will be able to have their space (and us ours).  Here's to hoping can recoup and move on in a relatively short time frame.  In the meantime, we will try to be one big happy family, with a few minor growing pains I'm sure. 

Alicia, our three year old, seemed fine when we shared the news of moving in with memere and pepere.  She said, "that will be fun!"  I'm hoping that once we are actually living there, she will not constantly be asking when we will be going to our home.  For months now she's been talking about "my house."  It's been rough hearing her say that, knowing that soon we would not be returning to her house.  But children are resilient, or so I'm told...

For anyone who has young children sharing a bedroom, do you have tips for me since the girls will be sharing a room? We are going to try to have bedtime be the same and they are both usually good sleepers.  I've checked with Alicia about sharing a room with her little sister and I think she likes the idea.  But between Alicia falling out of bed, Hannah's motion detector/monitor sounding off periodically, and shouts of "mama, I have to go potty," I'm not sure how this is gonna go down.  Advice please?!

Church will be closer, which will be great.  Since we are involved with teaching teens TOB and are involved in another ministry for returning Catholics at our church it will be nice to be such a short drive away.  This will also be great for possibly weekly adoration and maybe even getting in an extra mass each week.  Maybe head to First Friday adoration which I have yet to do as well.  So I'm thinking that this hopefully will open up other opportunities for me to grow in my faith and relationship with God and no my relationship isn't dependent on the church building itself.  ;P  I'm praying through all this God will show us the path he wants us to take next.  He has a plan, and I'm hoping for a few hints and/or gentle nudges.

What is also great is that friends and family with young children around my girls' ages will be closer too.  I always feel guilty when I don't bring Alicia to visit with her friends.  She has started to seem a bit on the shy side, so I must make a better habit of this.  Being closer should make it easier, I hope.  Friends and family, beware. ;)

My job is NOT closer for me, but IS closer for hubby.  Will cut down his commute, although on Monday and Tuesday he will have to drive up to meet me and THEN to his work.  So wait a minute, it's kinda lengthening his...  Well, not every day though.  We'll work it out somehow; maybe I will have to go meet him with the girls at his work instead.

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  1. My girls have always shared. I don't recall many issues with maybe all will go well for you, too. My kids are fairly heavy sleepers, but my sons now share, too and my 2.5-year-old does wake occasionally when the baby cries. We are working through it. Good luck!