Friday, August 5, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (7)

Thanks to Jen at for hosting.  Hoping to get back to more blogging next week, but this first week after the move has been hectic.

I left our previous house a mess.  Wasn't proud of it, but having packed until 3:30am in the morning the night before our move, I just didn't have the chance.  The day of the move the movers showed up early, my dad showed up later than I expected to pick up the baby, there were three trips to Hudson - two with the movers, and by the time we were finishing up the last trip by ourselves at 7pm, I just wanted to see my babies.  I missed them horribly with all the preparation for moving last week.  I planned on going back to clean, because I felt horrible leaving it the way I had, but I never did. 

My parents' house - also a mess.  The living room has been taken over by toys - I think there are only two more boxes/items in the garage that need to be brought in and found a place.  The girls' bedroom is mostly set up for them.  Furniture in place, just need to hang a few more things on the wall and set up the closet.  Our room is a mess.  Still need to get things for us from the garage and the basement.  Once we are settled in another week or so, maybe then I can start on some other projects.  Projects I have been intending to do for quite a while.

The weekend we moved, our parish priest announced in his homily that he is leaving to go to a new assignment at the Seacoast right after Labor Day.  Gee, just as we move closer to church.  Ok, so, it definitely isn't all about the priest, but he has done so much for the parish that it's difficult to imagine our community without him.  Will probably have another post on this at another time this month.  Really going to miss Fr. G.

The first donation came in for the Jimmy Fund walk this week.  I'm really a bit nervous as there is only a little more than a month to go.  Must! Fundraise! Now!  Getting my letter in the mail is still on my to do list for this coming week.

Jimmy Fund Walk Worry #2: I must do more walking so I can do the Jimmy Fund walk in mid September.  I'm horribly out of shape.  The great thing about having moved in with my parents is that even though my hubby gets home late, we should be able to start taking walks.  We went last night, not for very long, but I'm hoping it will help.  Will also have to start nightly walks with the girls after dinner.  Got to get ready to push that jogging stroller...

Need to start preparing for Hannah's birthday party.  She turns one in just over a month.  How did THAT happen?  Time is flying by way too quickly.  Hoping to get invites in the mail sometime by the end of next week.

Also need to start prepping for teaching Theology of the Body in the fall.  Haven't figured out when we will start teaching, probably sometime in September, so I have to check in with our deacon.  This fall we will be teaching part II, having split the curriculum into two sessions over the spring and fall.  Wow, the fall!!!  It's so crazy to me that the summer is almost gone.  Didn't do nearly enough relaxing...  But it does mean that football and hockey will be starting up again soon.  WOO HOO!!!!


  1. Glad the move went smoothly.
    #6 & 7 ~ I'm sort-of in denial that summer is coming to an end and I will soon have a one year old. Maybe I should follow your example and start planning.

  2. I told one of our priests, who was a new priest and we got really close to, that it was probably the one thing I didn't like about the Church (I was pretty sad at the time) - I didn't want him to be moved on. I knew that, for him, he needed it to learn more about being a priest. But, I was sad for us.

  3. I always feel bad when we move that I didn't leave the previous place "clean" enough.