Friday, August 12, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (8)

Thanks to Jen at for hosting.  I think I'm going to struggle this week with finding seven.  But here goes...

Saw the Winnie the Pooh movie with both our girls this week for a break from all the moving / unpacking (STILL UNPACKING!!! UGH!).  It was pretty cute, but the best part was watching my three year old daughter giggle uncontrollably while sitting on her pepere's lap.  Her laugh is contagious and she found the movie really funny.  It's so great to see things through your children's eyes.

Appointment for my husband's follow up visit to his follow up visit to the ER visit is today.  They had hubby do a 72 hour holter monitor asking him to keep a detailed journal writing in any time he did activity or felt something that wasn't quite normal, in the hopes that they will be able to see what is going on with his heart.  While I'm hoping they see something, I'm also hoping they don't see something.

Heading to the beach this weekend for the first time all summer.  I can't believe it's August and this is the first time we go, but I've been preoccupied with yard sales, downsizing, packing, a birthday party.  Cannot wait to watch Alicia and Hannah play in the sand and water.  Hopefully this won't be the last trip to the beach, but weekends book up pretty quick these days.  I don't think we have plans for next weekend, so maybe two weekends in a row!!

Went to buy an additional adult/child potty seat for my parent's bathroom at Home Depot and Bemis has already changed the design.  The new design looks flimsy.  We just bought the exact same thing less than 4 months ago!  I just hope it is as sturdy as the one we already have.  May actually go to a few more Home Depot's in the area to be sure that there isn't another place selling the "older" version.  I hate these types of exercises in futility. 

Saw my cousin's five week old baby girl Victoria Rose on Thursday.  So cute, tiny and cuddly.  Love those new 'lil babies.  Didn't have the chance to hold her or snap a picture because I was trying to keep track of my two girls, which felt like quite the feat!  Alicia was super clingy and Hannah was the one who was being more independent.  It was an odd switch for them.  Usually it is Hannah who always has to have her mama.  My three year old SOOO needs interaction with other kids her age.  She did great one on one with her friend earlier in the week.  I think large groups of people she doesn't know makes her nervous.  A healthy dose of nerves around strangers is fine by me... just hoping it doesn't become a problem.

Since moving almost two weeks ago, I still haven't managed to do any charting for my fertility.  I've been tracking things mentally, but that definitely isn't accurate enough.  All kinds of things that I forget, including where that pesky three count is so I'm not sure when the next cycle should start.  I think that my chart is still in the nightstand, but now the nightstand is on my husband's side of the bed.  Good way to get him involved again in charting.  His schedule hasn't allowed for it until a few months back and we just never got back to charting together.  No time like the present.

First pre-season Pats game was tonight.  Didn't watch much of it since I was gone most of the afternoon and early evening, leaving me with quite a bit to do tonight to clean up the dishes and get all our baby gear ready for the early morning doctor appointment.   Oooo that reminds me, better go check on the laundry!  I will definitely have to catch the next pre-season game.  Usually I'm very on top of watching the full first pre-season game (my hubby teases me that I cut our first date with short - well we finished dinner at any rate - so that I could go watch the first pre-season Pats game).  I really enjoy football and remember there was a time when I watched the Patriots back in high school where I would just be excited if they got a field goal - "Yay! They actually scored points!"  They were horrible.  Been nice the past decade or so.  Definitely enjoy it more when they win... here's to a great football season ahead!!!

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  1. Your #6 is the story of my last 3.7 years...which probably explains the adorable 16 month old baby girl who has just put her bowl of cereal atop her head ;)

    Have a great weekend!