Friday, August 26, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (10)

Thanks to Jen at for hosting.  Every week Jen always has something in her quick takes that makes me laugh.  Go check out her quick takes if you are bored with mine. ;)

So last week I was walking around a store and there was a woman talking loudly on her cell phone, proudly saying that she found these shorts online that said "Born to Score" across the butt and she just had to get them.  I was thinking, "Really?  This is what you want people to read across your backside?  Talk about classy!"  So I did some research online tonight and saw that there was a picture of a woman with these shorts on the site.  Well, I guess what some people consider funny others consider just plain wrong...  yikes!  I'm guessing this picture on the people of walmart site is what the woman was referring to, but I'm guessing she wasn't REALLY trying to find a pair for herself.  Or was she???

Tuesday morning I awoke to find that my hubby's car had been egged.  Initially I thought, boy do we bring our bad luck with us where ever we go.  I was chuckling to myself as I was cleaning the car, it all just seemed so funny to me.  But then again, I woke up so late - 7:07, exactly 7 minutes past the time I usually would leave for work -  I couldn't believe that this is what I rushed out the door for.  I think I wasn't quite awake.  So I keep smiling and laughing.  I have to say who ever egged the car didn't do a very good job.  They just got the bumper.  Next time, they ought to aim a little higher.  I never did this as a kid, but I have to think that if I were to do such a foolish shenanigan, I'd try to do it better than that.  At one point I thought, hmmm this was the morning after my latest controversial post on the 2-1 pregnancy article in the NY times.  But there were more cars egged that morning than just ours.  Just some teenage silliness before heading back to school perhaps.  I also shouldn't take my own blog post writings so seriously.  There's probably not that many people reading the whole thing anyway.

I can't believe how much my daughter loves dinosaurs.  She went shopping with her nana for her birthday last weekend and came home with another set of dinosaurs, at the time she already had at least 10 that she plays with, well maybe more like 15 or 20.  She really likes to take them outside and play in the rain water and puddles on the picnic table with them.  She also has a great time sending them down the slide.  I never got into calling her a princess because I'm just not that type.  I don't want my daughters to grow up thinking they are princesses and Alicia is definitely NOT falling into that category.  Another thing I find really funny is how her love of dinosaurs has translated into a love of the movie "Land Before Time."  She walks around calling, "Mother! Mother!" like Littlefoot did after his mom was hurt in the big fight scene with SharpTooth.  At least she doesn't get scared during the scarier parts, but for a three year old I am amazed how sensitive she is to whether or not a movie is sad.  She has a sensitive soul, much like her dad.  And me too, well from time to time I can be sensitive anyway. ;)

Had a wonderful ride in the car on Thursday night with the girls.  We had visited their nana for the afternoon and I was singing all kinds of craziness to keep the girls awake on the ride home so that I could give Hannah her last bottle of the night.  We were all singing, screaming and giggling at the top of our lungs the whole 30 minute ride.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  Oh and speaking of Hannah's bottle - we tried milk this week. NO WAY!!!  She is not impressed.  I never had this issue with Alicia: at a year she went right over to milk and a sippy cup.  Hannah is not going to be easy.  I knew she wouldn't be.  I don't think anything is going to be easy with Hannah.  At present, we are doing 1/4 milk to 3/4 formula.  Hoping we can transition within a month or two.  SO done with buying formula.  Hannah transitioned from breastfeeding and breast milk to formula ok so I was hoping this wouldn't be a problem.  Oh well.  Good thing she's so stinkin' cute!

We bubble wrapped part of the piano and the bench in front of it.  Yes, that's right, bubble wrap! The dog at my parent's house has now taken to chewing on the piano legs and bench and scratching up the piano itself.  My husband initially found it silly but then found it to be a good joke.  Below are some pictures of the piano.  I find this hilarious...  hoping the dog isn't silly enough to think eating bubble wrap is a good idea.  Cruelty to animals?  perhaps... but it was my parent's idea!  Or was it mine?  I expressed concern for the dog though, really, I did.  Didn't my hubby do a fabulous job?  Let us know if you are in need of a good piano bubble wrap job.

So amazed by the large families in our parish and LOVE how open to life they are.  Lots of families, most of which home school by the way, with families of 6 plus children, quite a few families with eight and one woman, who is two years YOUNGER than me, who is pregnant with baby #11.  Her post yesterday made me chuckle - her kids have already chosen names.  She likes the girl name, but isn't so sure about the boy name.  A few posts back she posted that the kids wanted her to have triplets this time around!  This made me laugh.  Got to love that they aren't upset that there's going to be another child in the mix.  I bet part of this is so that THEY can run the household when mom and dad go a bit nuts!  Anyway, these families are so inspiring to me.  I started a little too late in life for such a large number of babies...  I suppose you never know what God has in store.  I need to learn to be more open to what God's plan is like they are.  I try to plan WAY too much!  And not just in the number of babies department.

The anticipation of Hurricane Irene is at a frenzy in the media.  Oddly enough my sister just this past week introduced Alicia, Hannah, memere, hubby and I to a read along CD/book called "Storm is Coming."  It's pretty cute and made all of us giggle quite a bit.  It's cute because none of the animals understand that the wind, the rain and all the activity outside ACTUALLY IS the storm.  They are expecting some kind of scary monster named STORM to come into the barn and attack them!  Just thought I'd put something cute out there in all this anticipation of the bad weather coming our way in New England!   

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