Friday, December 30, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (25)

Thanks to Jen for hosting over at  Today, December 30, 2011, being the occasion of my 6th wedding anniversary, this is going to be a 7 things I love about my husband.  There are so many more things that aren't even listed here.  What can I say, except he's the best.

His sense of humor:  There is nothing like having someone by your side who can make you laugh, not only at yourself, but at the world around you.  He has a wonderful silly side and loves to poke fun.  He makes me smile and laugh every day. 

His sensitive and vulnerable side:  He can get emotional during those tear jerking parts of movies or TV shows and isn't afraid to show it.  When he is having a hard time, to the point of tears, he lets me see that too.  I think it is so important to let your loved ones know how you are feeling and he isn't afraid to let me see the bad alongside with the good.  He has helped me to be more in touch with that side since before getting married I was hardly ever as emotional as I am these days.

And he definitely has a knack for being sensitive to my concerns.  I still recount to almost anyone who will listen, how when we were first dating and I told him something that could potentially be a deal breaker on a long car drive at the START of the date. He just squeezed my hand and listened.  The next day he brought me flowers and a beautiful hand written sentiment in a card.  I knew that he was someone who I could entrust my heart to.

His ability to consider my point of view:  For anyone who knows us, you know we hardly ever fight.  This isn't because we never disagree.  Rather, this is because both of us try to put ourselves in the other person's shoes.  We may not like what they are thinking, or what they have to say, but both of us can always understand where it is coming from.  Again, we don't always agree, but we are understanding of why the other feels the way they do.  Huge with me, since I am definitely not someone who likes confrontation.

His willingness to sacrifice:  My hubby doesn't like his job and hasn't since almost day one.  However, he realizes that he is providing for us as a family through his work, so he goes to work despite being unhappy.  In a world of, "If something doesn't feel good, don't do it," or "I have to do what's best for ME" he is sticking it out.  Doing a good job too I might add, getting a bonus all quarters since he started except one.  He may complain about it a fair amount, and joke and talk about how much he doesn't like it, but he goes and he works.  In my book, that is what shows me he loves me.

His strong commitment to the Catholic faith: Since returning to the church with me in the spring of 2005, he has continued to grow and learn about the Catholic faith.  Together we have made big changes in our lives to align ourselves with our Catholic faith.  We even teach the Catholic teaching on sexuality to teens.  Quite a turn around for both of us.

His willingness to change:  This one sort of stems from QT#5.  Read the following:  hubby's blog post on porn.  But this isn't the only change he's made.  He is continuously trying to become the best version of himself he can be.  He's trying to change and working on the things in his life that need a redirection.  I applaud him for being willing to take a look at himself and see where he can make some changes for the better.  I am definitely one blessed woman.

Watching him play with our daughters:  I cannot say how often I watch him play with our girls and I am just amazed.  I really enjoy watching them together, the girls climbing all over him, playing with their toy dinosaurs or playing board games.  It doesn't matter what they are doing, I almost always can learn something from him: how to be more silly, how to be sure to incorporate praise where it's due, how to be excited about something that really doesn't seem all that important.  He is an amazing father and you can tell with the way our girls are so excited to see him walk in the door around supper time.  He is helping me to be a better mom and I am thankful for that every day.


  1. I'm a passerby from Jen's and really loved your quick takes today. I won't probably ever address this on my blog since it's not just 'my' business and too many 'real life' people read my blog, but my fiance and I have dealt with the topic in #5... reading your husband's post on it is refreshing and I will definitely share it with my fiance who I think sometimes feels like he is the only one NOT doing it (he is very glad to have moved past that, but unfortunately doesn't have a ton of like minded friends). We did a free online program that took us about a year and we are completely different people now. I'm so glad for couples like you who are teaching today's teens what they really need to hear!

  2. Happy Anniversary. Your wedding photo is gorgeous. I love the way you honored your husband. :-)

  3. So sweet. You have a nice insight into his life and love for you and the girls. Hope you have many happy years together.

  4. I just realized this was the last post? It's been awhile, huh? I hope you're doing okay. I think this is a very sweet post.