Friday, October 14, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (17)

Thanks to Jen for hosting over at  This week my quick takes are some favorite pictures from our trip to the Southwick Zoo this past Wednesday (I couldn't choose just seven pictures - I tried!).  Definitely should be my quickest quick takes yet.  After this weekend I should be back to some regular blogging.  I have to take a break when I'm preparing for teaching TOB.  Two more classes left and most of the prep work is done now!
Alicia LOVES turtles so she really liked these huge tortoises that were at the beginning of the zoo.  There were kangaroos nearby too and we spotted one with a lil joey in her pouch on our way out!  SOOO cute!

Alicia enjoyed feeding the goats and the peacock with her daddy!


We spent a few minutes at the playground near the lions and tigers...

Don't worry, it only looks like we left our one year old near a 4 foot fence with a tiger lurking behind her, but there is a second and much larger fence behind it!  And there was a fence between myself and the lion, I FINALLY managed to get the camera to stop focusing on the fence and take a good shot!

There were quite a variety of monkeys at the zoo.  One cute little monkey particularly enjoyed watching Hannah in the wagon!


Nana came along for the trip and she (and Alicia too!) had a great time buzzing around in her motorized scooter.

We had such a wonderful day at the zoo!  Spent all afternoon walking around and having a great time!

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