Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wondrous Wednesdays (10)

In the spirit of gratitude, I’m listing wondrous things happening in my world every week on Wednesday.  If you are a blogger and want to list what you are grateful for, feel free to do the same on your own blog every week and please be sure to link back to my blog.   If you are not a blogger, feel free to comment here on my blog with your own three wondrous things you are grateful for on Wednesday. 

Having two days off mid-week with hubby to enjoy quality time with our girls will be really wondrous, even if the girls are sick.  We don't take week long vacations these days and we haven't done many day trips with our girls.  So I am pretty thrilled that we have two days to go do something fun together.  I'm hoping Alicia doesn't get sick in the car again because we are going to try to go to another zoo.  And then maybe just spend a day relaxing.  YAY time off together!

I've been enjoying sharing movies with the girls that I watched as a little girl.  This week we put in Annie since I hadn't seen it in a while and Alicia loves dogs.  I forgot how long it was...  but I have to say that you see thing so differently as an adult than you did as a child.  During the very first song "Maybe," (and quite a few others) I started to get all teary eyed when Annie sung, "their one mistake was giving up me!"  What seems so sweet and romantic as a child, is definitely viewed differently when one has the knowledge of what some kids go through.  I've become an emotional mess since 1.  getting married and 2.  having kids.  I never used to tear up at movies like this.  It's ridiculous and wondrous at the same time.

Mind you, our 1 year old doesn't do much watching of the said movies like the one I discussed in #2.  She mostly walks around like she's going to take off into a sprint.  She is having such a great time but isn't quite as good at steadying herself as she needs to be.  She bonked her head on the hardwood floor and has a small-ish egg that I think will probably turn all kinds of colors.  Then later, she almost twisted her arm as she was holding one finger and running around me in circles.  I just couldn't keep up.  What a pistol!  As I've said before, she's going to be fun!

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