Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wondrous Wednesdays (9)

In the spirit of gratitude, I’m listing wondrous things happening in my world every week on Wednesday.  If you are a blogger and want to list what you are grateful for, feel free to do the same on your own blog every week and please be sure to link back to my blog.   If you are not a blogger, feel free to comment here on my blog with your own three wondrous things you are grateful for on Wednesday. 

What is really wondrous is when you are mostly caught up on laundry and there are very few dishes in the sink.  Cannot say how wonderful that really is.  It has been a while since I felt almost on top of things.  Granted there are a ton of 'projects' that need doing, but to feel like the everyday stuff is close to where it should be is truly wondrous. 

Had a night earlier this week where hubby and I were just able to relax and enjoy watching some TV together.  May be something you think, well what is so wondrous about that?  But with him working an odd schedule and getting home late, all the craziness that has happened the past few months getting ready for this or that, it was like a little bit of heaven to be able to just sit down and hold hands while enjoying a favorite TV show.  Another definitely wondrous moment!

My third wondrous moment was that I was able to 'speak' with my mom via FaceBook chat this week.  They left for a two week plus vacation last Wednesday so it has been odd to be here, living in their home, without them here.  Truly wonderful to have a few minutes to check in, even if it was just online.  I knew that the girls would miss memere and pepere and I knew that I would too, but I think sometimes we take for granted speaking with someone every day.  We should never forget that some people do not have the opportunity to do so for one reason or another.  So thankful for getting to spend lots of time with my mom and dad these days.  I am truly blessed.

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