Friday, September 9, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (12)

Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting.  As usual, I should be doing other things, but here I am with my 7 for the week.

Our baby turned one on Wednesday.  Cannot believe it.  We had a few people over for cake and she had a pretty good time, although I think her older sister may have had a better time.  She was hysterical over the mess Hannah was making.  Her laugh is contagious so we were all in stitches.  Below are a few pictures of that spectacle:

Thursday night we had a REALLY good time, right before bed, playing with bells, maracas, a xylophone and drums.  Loud and crazy, but a lot of fun.  Note to self:  we must do this fun music madness more often, but maybe next time not so close to bedtime. 

Early on Thursday we DID NOT have a really good time taking pictures, but they came out quite well, surprisingly.  First of all, the one year and one day old cried every time the flash went off.  She had a late night the night before and a shot at her doctor appointment the day before, but I still found it so weird that she got so freaked out.  It finally took me leaving the room because she is so attached to me she wanted to do nothing but cling to me and cry.  She's always fine when I leave the room and she improved greatly, but still had some occasional freak outs.  Then, our three year old once again was flat out refusing to go in to take pictures.  A sudden shy streak, I suppose.  But it is frustrating when you make an appointment, gather up some cute outfits and she just refuses to cooperate.  I stayed patient all things considered.  I've put a bunch of the funniest/best pictures here:

Mama!  I'm not having a good time!
Ok, enough already!
You think you're so funny!
How does my hair look?
Yeah, I know it, lookin' good!
Seriously, more pictures?
Maybe I can sneak out of here?
Feelin' somewhat shy!
Ok, if you insist!
Whew! I think we're done!
Can we go yet?
One thing that I always forget is that babies and young children like bags and boxes more than the present itself.  This will come in handy if we do have more children.  One can only get so many toys.  Pretty soon I will have to work on rotating toys out so that some of them seem new even though they are not.  Just put another thing on my "to do" list.

Someone who has been following my blog has written some beautiful letters to her children on their birthdays and other occasions.  I only wish I had done this starting with Alicia's first birthday.  I plan on putting this into practice and may try to do a few hindsight letters for our oldest.  I have yet to compost Hannah's first birthday letter, but I will be working on it soon.  In the meantime, check out one of these such really sweet letters here.

Been aggravated about the whole party planning thing, but I did finally get my act together, which is good since the party is on Saturday.  Because everything was so last minute with decisions on decorations and if I would do a theme, I paid more than I wanted.  I couldn't deal with trying to find the best price while running around with little children needing naps and trips to the potty.  I usually am much more organized but our life since our move has been so chaotic.  Anyway, I'm hoping we don't have too much food left over, but if we do there are food pantries and such in the area.

Our pastor left for his new assignment at the Seacoast on Tuesday.  Going to miss him and hope that our new pastor will be as inspirational.  We have teased our old pastor that we will follow him if hubby can just find a job out that way, since we don't have a home we can go where ever we want.  Probably not going to happen, but we have always wanted to live by the seacoast.  Maybe, but not likely.  But from what I've heard our new pastor will be really great too.  I'm excited to see what he brings to the community at St. K's.  This weekend we will not be at our regular mass time as we have a baptism for my cousin's daughter, but it will be great to meet him and get to see his style.  But I am sad to see Fr. G leave. There was a really nice article written by one of our parishioners.  He will definitely be missed and I'm sure he will get lots of visitors with beaches and Water Country nearby.


  1. Happy Birthday to her! The pictures are absolutely adorable. My favorite is the cheerleading one where she looks like she's aiming for the way out! So cute.

    Great glad to have visited from 7QT!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one!
    Congrats on persevering to get some cute pictures!

  3. First birthdays are so much fun--I remember those days and the cake mess!

  4. Those are such sweet pictures! Happy birthday to your little princess :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I think the pictures actually capture her personality quite well. :)