Friday, October 7, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (16)

Thanks to Jen for hosting over at  This week there is no unifying theme...

Our three year old seems to have had a pretty disturbing dream.  She says, "there was a guy in the room, I played with him, touched him and he went into the carpet and he was dead."  Now, I am not one who gets freaked out very much by supposed ghosts and stuff, but this whole thing has me a little concerned.  Ever since, she doesn't want to go into her bed, and doesn't want to go in the playroom downstairs.  I try to reassure her that there is no guy.  I hold her hand when we go into a room.  I've been saying the "now I lay me down to sleep prayer" in her ear a second time while she lays in bed.  Just trying to help her with it, but I really am not sure what I should do here.  We think it may be the result of a book that we read to her recently, but we can't be sure.

Been thinking about taking a local couponing seminar in early November.  I keep seeing friends and families who post all these items they bought for less than one dollar!!!  I could SO use that, but I'm wondering if I will be buying things I need, where exactly I will put a stockpile of anything and if I will be just doing all the work to mostly donate stuff.  I don't have extra time to do this if it isn't helping us actually save money and I'm buying stuff I won't use.  Might be worth it though...

The dog is at is again, but I think it's my own fault, well sort of.  She threw up grass in the toy room which I had to clean this morning, not just on the wood floor, but on the play mats we have down and the toy house we have that our youngest loves to crawl though.  I was not impressed.  Then after emptying the dishwasher this morning and seeing nothing on the dining room floor, I went in there after I put the girls down for a nap this afternoon and voila!  poop!  She had been outside a few times already and this didn't even happen during all the rain earlier in the week.  What is she doing?!?  I didn't wake up until 8:15 this morning, so that's way off her schedule, but why didn't she poop before I woke up! 

So I've been thinking I need to get to confession.  Maybe this Saturday, maybe next week on Saturday.  Can't manage weeknights with hubby's schedule.  I haven't done a good examination of conscience just yet but it's definitely time.  I can tell it's time because I'm getting cranky easily.  I should have stuck with the every six weeks schedule I was on.  Or maybe I need to make it a monthly ritual.

First Friday Adoration tonight.  I'm looking forward to this.  It will be my second time going.  Hopefully this time I don't come out of it thinking "boy I suck!"  I've improved, albeit slightly, in my relationship with Jesus.  Baby steps I keep telling myself.  He knows I care, he knows I'm trying.

A few weeks back I went to a baptism for my cousin's daughter, where the priest mentioned that it is important that our children see our faith, not just at church, but also in our homes.  One of the things he mentioned was having kids see rosary beads hanging on the bedposts and being able to play with rosary beads.  I always thought that there should be more reverence for the rosary, but after thinking about it I figured the more exposure they have to our religious traditions the better.  I decided to give each of our girls rosaries that I think they can't break, they do each have at least one set of really nice rosaries.  Alicia has enjoyed playing with them and likes to put her arms and legs through.  Hannah broke the crucifix off hers literally a few minutes after I gave her the "nonbreakable" ones I had as a child that were glow in the dark.  So I've let her use another one that is definitely breakable but we will obviously have to keep an eye on her.  What is very cute about Hannah is that she likes to hold them up under her chin and grin.  We say "pretty" or "beautiful" and she just beams her crocked little smile.  Haven't managed to get this on camera yet, but that grin is just too much.

 I figured out the costumes for Halloween for our little ones.  Alicia is going to be a T-Rex and Hannah a Triceratops.  They both are really into playing with dinosaurs so I'm hoping this will work.  Last year's Halloween was a spectacle. Alicia was crying because we dressed her in a monkey costume to go with Hannah banana.  The whole time I was getting her dressed to go trick or treating she was crying and saying over and over "I don't want to be a monkey, I want to be Alicia!"  I'd put the video here, but I think it would take too long to upload to blogger.  For now, here's a picture of the sad faced monkey named Alicia and her screaming banana Hannah from last year when we tried to get professional pictures taken.  Here's hoping this year we won't have a sad T-Rex or Triceratops.

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  1. Have you tried putting blessed salt over all the exterior doors and windows in your house? When we had a spell of weirdo nighttime behavior (nightmares, sleepwalking, etc.), we had a mini lesson on sacramentals, and had the kids help put salt and holy water in each room. Then, if they got scared, we'd remind them about the salt and water being like doorways to God's grace, and now their rooms were full. It really seemed to help.