Friday, October 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (18)

Thanks to Jen for hosting over at  A few things I've seen this week...


I think part of the reason I started my blog when I did was that I was tired of seeing friend after friend on Facebook post about Larry King, Elizabeth Taylor, and Tiger Woods failed marriages as a "why not gay marriage."  I'm just going to leave this at : here's the newest FB thing going around that is irking me:

Jason and Crystalina Evert have a book out called, " How to find your soulmate without losing your soul" and all week this week they have been on Women of Grace on EWTN.  I posted the link on Facebook and am glad to see that someone shared it.  Putting the link here because if you know someone who is single and struggling in bad relationships or tired of being lonely, the first show can be viewed online, then with a free subscription you can access the other four episodes this week.

We are going to be giving our students a CD (so long as I can make a copy in time) called "Do's and Don'ts of Dating" also by Jason Evert.  It shows ten simple strategies for finding true love while navigating the modern minefields of impurity, peer pressure, and heartbreak.

If you would like a copy, let me know and maybe I can get a copy to you, but give me some time.


I had a conversation maybe about a month ago about Disney princess movies. Basically what horrible messages they provide for girls.  This picture really says a lot.  I tend to not watch them often but occasionally my girls do like to watch a few of these.  Somehow we will have to counteract these messages.  Or maybe stop them from watching these altogether.

Movies I want to see: "Courageous" and "The Way." Has anyone seen either of these?  Hoping that maybe hubby and I can go on a date night next weekend since our TOB classes will be done.  Really hoping that they stay in theaters in our area for a few more weeks. 
So I really like hockey, and I really do miss having season tickets to college hockey, but luckily we now have good cable and I can watch my fair share on TV these days!  Anyhow, Boston College hockey team is ranked #1 in the nation.  They have beaten Michigan State (5-2), North Dakota (6-2) and UNH (5-1).  Their only loss was their home season opener to Denver (4-2).  I do not like the team being ranked #1 because the only way to go is down!  My parents will be taking our oldest daughter to the game tomorrow night and I'm sure they will have a great time.  Someday we will go again on a regular basis instead of such spotty attendance!
So Thursday night it took well over an hour and a half of my three year old saying "I don't want to dream" before she could get to sleep.  I guess her fears and bad dreams have not gone away.  There were about 5 trips to the potty, the last one being after I put her down after an hour and a half.  Will try the holy water which someone suggested last time I posted about this.  It's so hard to not lose patience with the incessant I-don't-want-to-dream statements, but it's hard not to be sympathetic when she starts crying and freaking out.  Poor little lady.  Oh and as I finish this up in the wee hours of early Friday, she has woken up four more times to go potty.

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  1. That Disney graphic is telling. Especially the Little Mrmaid. . . I never thought of it that way before.