Friday, September 30, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (15)

Thanks to Jen for hosting over at  This week is focusing on making healthy eating and lifestyle changes - gluttony be gone!  Ok, so it won't be that easy, but hopefully soon.

I am going to focus on making some healthier choices for eating.  This means continuing to buy the healthy items at the store in the produce department but in practice means not letting them go to waste in the veggie  or fruit drawer.  Too often I let things get overripe and then throw it out.  Wasteful with food and money is not ok.  The girls need me to be a better example.  I need to put some type of fruit or veggie out with every meal as start.  I manage lunch and dinner.  Have to do better with breakfast.

Walks every night after supper will hopefully become part of our routine.  I love the fall so I feel like it is the perfect time to start this routine, although with the winter season following it here in New England, not sure how much I'll want to bundle them up every night and take a walk in the dark.  Will have to re-evaluate this at a later date to see about another option if I discontinue this practice when the snow starts flying.

I saw somewhere (I think a new Facebook friend's post) that you should not eat in the car.  So starting today, excepting the lunches I eat with the girls after meeting hubby at his place of employment, no more eating in the car.  This is going to be a difficult one.  But one that I think will be pretty key.  I do this all too often these days.

Kick the habit.  I told my husband on Wednesday that I should be in DDA.  Dunkin Donuts Anonymous.  HAVE TO STOP BUYING COFFEE BEFORE WORK.  Not only is all that cream, sugar and caramel in my iced coffee not helping me to lose weight, the bacon egg and cheese croissant sandwich isn't helping.  Forget it if I actually don't use the drive through and go inside.  I see some donut that I have to try and add to the order.  UGH!  PLEASE HELP!

I want to take a look at the Rosary Workout by Peggy Bowes and see if I can fit in some spirituality with some type of exercise routine.  This would be perfect since I still struggle with prayer.  A little of both could go a long way.  Not sure if I want to download the e-book or find a copy.

Another title I want to check out is Fit For Eternal Life by Kevin Vost.  Part of the product description on cracks me up:  "Product Description: Is your spirit faithful but your flesh flabby? Has your Temple of the Holy Spirit begun to creak and crumble?"  My Temple of the Holy Spirit isn't very happy with me these days and could use some work!!!  Has anyone ever heard of this book?  What did you think?  May be another purchase I consider soon...

None of this is being done out of vanity.  It is something I should have focused on long ago to become healthy and a good example.  I want to be able to enjoy time spent with my girls.  Be able to go down a slide this coming spring with Hannah, something I couldn't do with Alicia.  Be able to run around with my ladies, have fun with them when they try new things.  If I stay overweight like I am now, it will become less and less likely.  I need to remind myself of this more often and stay focused on why I'm doing this.  For me and for them.


  1. Veggie or fruit with each meal is a good, attainable goal. I think having canned vegetables in the pantry helps for those days when you don't have time to cook something or in my case when I haven't planned ahead. Not the best tasting but at least it's something.

  2. I have been meaning to get fit for eternal life aswell Kevin Vost is wicked smart and a body builder and he use to be an atheist. I was wondering how to incorporate exercising and prayer together. Cause I know some people who work out two hours everyday. Building up theory body but neglecting their soul. Let me know if you get it.

  3. Dunkin Donuts Anonymous ~ great concept!
    Good luck with all your goals, you sound like you have a great plan in place.

  4. If you start a chapter of DDA, I'll join! I will say I generally have to walk to get to one, being in the city, but I'm so addicted to their coffee. And while I'm there, I might as well get a donut (or two) and a breakfast sandwich, right??