Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (19)

Thanks to Jen for hosting over at  This was a quick one for me.  Didn't even require much thought... some weeks are easier than others I suppose!


Snow!  We have snow!  Thursday night I put my one year old to bed before the three year old.  I have taken to staggering bedtimes so that hopefully the one year old falls asleep before the three year old can start freaking out about having a dream.  Luckily sitting in the room with said three year old has been helping, probably that I'm sitting there praying doesn't hurt either.  Anyway, after putting Hannah down and playing with Alicia for a few minutes, my mom comes into the room and says it is snowing out!  So being one who LOVES the snow and Alicia seeming to follow suit, we put on her rain boots (I still have yet to get winter boots for her) and her new winter coat (thanks memere for getting her one just on Wednesday!) and outside we went.  I didn't put on any extra layers, which probably was silly, but hey, I'm a New England girl!!!   What can I say?  SO EXCITED!

I am also very excited for Halloween this year.  It seems that Alicia is actually excited about it and keeps telling people that she's going to be a dinosaur.  Hopefully, we do not have a repeat of this:


Really bummed out that hubby won't get to be there for trick or treating on Halloween this year.  His work schedule really has to change.  Three years is enough of this night time schedule, right?  I don't know how couples do it that don't get to have dinner together regularly, no nighttime routine schedule together with the kids on a permanent basis.  And this also means I have BIG TIME RESPECT for any single parent, mom or dad.  Definitely is tough on everyone, parents AND kids, I think.


Going to meet up with some homeschool moms from our parish on Friday night for a "Busy Bag Night."  I'm hoping that this will give our three year old a new interest other than movies.  I have weaned her down to one movie per day, but I really want her to find some things to do for some "quiet time."  Hoping that this does the trick.

I cannot believe that hubby and I will actually be going on a date on Saturday.  Our usual 'dates' include trips to the grocery store, rides in the car or other things like teaching teenagers the Catholic teachings on sexuality.  Really looking forward to going to the movies with him.  Going to see "Courageous", so long as it will still be in theaters.  I have a hard time going to see any "normal" movie these days.  Last movie I saw in the theater was "Something Borrowed."  Had a hard time with everyone cheating, the lack of morals - I found it a little gross.  Some of it was amusing, but I seem to see things so much differently these days.  Maybe I've lost my sense of humor.

And we will also be going to a hockey game Saturday night as a family with memere and pepere.  So excited.  Wondering how Hannah will sit still, and when she will konk out.  Hopefully she gets in an extra nap somewhere, but she's taken to having just one nap a day.  Hopefully if it snows, it won't be too bad for traveling...

Met up with a friend from my parish this week that I hadn't gotten together with in over a year, basically since we each had our babies.  It was great to catch up, but I hope that it isn't that long until we get together again.  Was really great to see her and have our children play together for a while.  Both of my girls fell asleep in the car after our visit so I was able to run some errands without any chatter.  I had the radio off and really enjoyed some quiet time.  Boy was that necessary! 


  1. SNOW???? Here in NC, it was definitely like 78 degrees yesterday, so we have no concept of such weather right now. :-P

  2. Yay for long awaited date nights! Yes, here in Texas snow is just an unrealized dream.