Friday, November 4, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (20)

Thanks to Jen for hosting over at  The power outage Snowtober edition.

Young children who go to sleep with night lights on and wake up to complete darkness, freak out and cannot get back to sleep.

Wood stoves are truly a blessing when you have no power.  Keeps the house warm enough for you to not have to worry too much about where you will sleep for the night and whether or not your kids will be warm enough.

Having a gas stove, instead of electric, is wonderful thing.  You can at least heat up some water, cook some food on a burner.  Makes things somewhat manageable.

There is a certain peace that comes from not having electronics on all day for "background" noise.  But another bonus is that it makes the one movie a day rule seem like a piece of cake once your power comes back.

When it gets dark out, give your one year old who has been walking around for a while a little battery operated lantern to hold on to.  If he or she has started to imitate words, say "light" and ask him or her to show it to you.  You have your own cute little drunk for entertainment!

This happened last time we lost power but was pretty cute so I thought that I'd add it here.  Tell your three year old who is asking why there are no lights on in the house that you lost power.  He or she might soon be walking around the house with a flashlight trying to "find" the power that you "lost."  They are so cute at that age and make you realize that sometimes the phrases we use make no sense.  Another favorite phrase of mine that is silly is when you tell them to "hold it" when they say they have to go potty.  Ever try to "hold" pee?  Another thing that doesn't make much sense to a three year old.

Snowtober Special: Veggie soup - if still without power try this because our power came on while getting this soup going, although more than likely if it is day six and you still do not have power, everything has already defrosted and possibly started to rot!   You also wouldn't be able to see this post unless you were looking from work or some other device, like your phone.  Anyway, this soup consists of all frozen veggies that have defrosted in the fridge:  red bell peppers, onion, broccoli, zucchini, corn, spinach and celery.  Add spices of your choice, I used some parsley, oregano, basil, chili powder, garlic powder, and minced garlic.  Pretty good, although it is even better when topped with some cheese...


  1. That soup sounds yum! I am glad you guys were warm enough.

  2. I always try to revert to the one movie a day rule after power comes back on too! Nothing like a little break to make everyone appreciate it!