Friday, November 18, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (22)

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So last week hubby got a shift change to work days FINALLY and I gave my notice last Friday.  Which means this is my last week working part time at the Currier Museum of Art (who by the way if you live in the NH area has a really great Rock and Roll photography exhibition running now through mid January).  I have really enjoyed my work at the Currier and have met some really great people.  I have to try to find something to replace at least part of my income, which hopefully will happen sooner rather than later.  My last day of work is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 

WOW, Thanksgiving already?!?  Cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by!  I did manage to find a couple of cute matching dresses for our girls for Thanksgiving. 

I have also found two different sets of cute matching dresses for the girls for Christmas.  I should be frugal and return one of the sets, but one set has short sleeves and the other set is sweater dresses.  It is always super hot at my hubby's nana's house, so I may just keep both.  Besides, the girls could wear the matching sweater dresses at any time, not just Christmas.

Speaking of looking for work, 'tis the season for seasonal retail, but I don't understand why it is that every place you apply expects you to fill out a survey that is over half an hour long.  I realize they are trying to make sure they hire people with good customer service skills and people who won't steal from the company.  But this is not life and death - I mean it isn't like they are hiring a nurse.  Besides, don't most people answer these questions in the manner they think the company wants them to respond?!?  And what will we talk about in an interview anyway?

Hubby being home for dinner and for bedtime has already made an impact on the girls.  This morning Alicia asked daddy to take a "short work" like memere is doing today.  She must have missed her daddy more than we realized.  When I asked her if she liked him being home for dinner and bedtime, she had a big smile and was nodding.  So sweet and so glad that we decided this was a good change for us.

My scariest moment as a mom to date happened this past Wednesday.  I decided to take the girls shopping to try to find some matching boots to go with their sweater dresses.  It was an unsuccessful trip, but a very scary one for me.  We were in the parking lot and the girls were strapped into one of those two person shopping carts at Target.  I was putting Hannah in the car seat first and when I turned around to get Alicia she was no longer in the shopping cart.  I thought, "did someone take her (I watch too much Criminal Minds)?  did she wander away?  Did she get hit by a car?"  I screamed her name, no response.  I screamed her name again, still nothing.  So I ran to the back of the car and she wasn't there.  I pushed the cart out of the way and started up the other side...  still didn't see her, so then I screamed her name again and she came up to me and said, "Here I am mama!"  Scariest. few. seconds. ever!

I grabbed her and said, "You scared the s*%t out of me."  NOT my proudest moment, to swear like that, but it just came out.  I was so freaked out about it that I didn't really yell at her or anything, but I was almost in tears and she could tell something was wrong.  I tried to explain to her how scared I was and asked her if she would be scared if she lost mama or dad.  She said "it's ok mama."  Not the response I hoped for.  If this happens again, next time there will be some severe yelling going on if not a spanking. Good grief.  I thought Hannah would be the one to do this sort of thing...  don't know what I'd do if I lost her. 

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