Friday, November 25, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (23)

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Alicia and I had a lot of fun helping memere cook on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving festivities.  She was enjoying getting the ingredients and trying to mix them too.  She ended up making a huge mess with the flour at the beginning, but she really had a good time.  It was so sweet.

I had a really nice Turkey Day.  So thankful for my hubby, our girls and our family and friends.  Lots of love and support from so many people have made the tough times a little bit less stressful.

Unfortunately, on Turkey Day my hubby and Hannah and I missed mass.  Alicia did make it with memere, pepere and aunty "k."  I like starting out Thanksgiving day with our church family thanking God for all he does in our lives.  But Hannah has been sick and wasn't even awake by the time we would have needed to head out the door and neither hubby nor I woke up feeling well.  We eventually felt better, but it was probably best to stay home.  I hear that our church was packed, which will probably mean that Christmas masses will be jam packed as well.  So sorry we missed it!

Some pictures from Turkey Day:

Watching the Macy's parade. Ok, vacant stares, I know
but it's the only picture they are looking in the same direction!
I was trying to get them both to do touchdown. 
Hannah sometimes doesn't play for the camera.
But here she is cheesing it up!
Alicia having a great time with her cousins!

Hannah is back on abuterol with her nebulizer.  For a child who was breastfed, she sure gets sick a lot.  I think the whole breastfeeding-is-great-for-a-baby's-system truly depends on the child.  Hasn't seemed to help her.  Alicia was a lot less sick as a baby and she was on formula almost from day one.  It seems as though Hannah is getting back to normal, although she still doesn't seem very interested in real food.  Probably has to do with her teething too!  She's still sleeping worse than she did as a baby.  Two hours of sleep is not enough.  Good thing I don't have a job, well if this not sleeping continues that is... 

Speaking of no job, for my current job search, I think I'm leaning towards applying to work at restaurants rather than retail.  We will see what happens but truth be told I'm worried that without recent experience I will get no one to speak to me.  I've worked both retail and restaurants, but it was probably over five years ago.  Ok, maybe more like 10 years ago... Jeeze, has it really been that long!?!

Black Friday is today, but there is NO WAY that I am going to do any type of shopping today.  Craziness!  Instead, I am going to try to get some things accomplished at home that have been long overdue.  And try to figure out where most of our Christmas decorations are in my parent's basement.  Weekend plans include: Christmas parade with the girls on Saturday and getting the tree up and hopefully decorated on Sunday.  I LOVE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!  So excited it is here!

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  1. we ended up in the er with my son just as dinner was getting ready so i know all about nebulizers and albuterol. (hopefully, we'll be out of the hospital tomorrow.)